Who We Serve

For more than 25 years, CSR Children’s Foundation has created opportunities to enhance the lives of children challenged by mental or physical disabilities by providing “once in a lifetime” watersport experiences that can be shared with their families.

We started with one hospital and less than 20 children. Today, on one very special day a year we host nearly 1,000 special needs children and their families to a day of no worries – just pure fun! For one day, they don’t have to think about hospitals, medicine or therapy. One this special day it’s all friend and water therapy – what better prescription for a happy soul?

Kid’s Day Participants

Kid’s Day families’ understand challenges surrounding special needs kids, including Autism, Developmental Delays, Cancer, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, and Down Syndrome.

This year, as many as 800 kids, their families, and facility support staff are preregistered for Kid’s Day. We have participants from Miller’s Children’s Hospital, CHOC, Tichenor Orthopedic Clinic, Karate For All, and several other organizations.