Ray Jones

Ray Jones founded Long Beach Yacht Sales in 1981. It is considered one of the leading yacht brokerages in the United States. The company has received numerous awards and recognition over the years for sales performance and innovation selling both used boats and representing many of the premier manufacturers in the marine industry.

Ray attended California State University, Long Beach graduating with an MS in Marketing and also taught Marketing at the University. He has served as a board member of the California Yacht Brokers Association and the Board of the National Marine Retailers Association of America. He has also been a Director of the Southern California Marine Association elected to the position two times by peers in the industry. In addition to 10 years as a consumer marketing consultant Mr. Jones’s expertise includes over 30 years of marine retail involvement as well as an in-depth understanding of boat manufacturing, repair, marketing and distribution. He is considered by many in the marine industry as a “go to” subject matter expert. Mr. Jones has also been repeatedly appointed by the Federal court to market specific marine collateral in Court Appointed Marshal’s sales in the Central and Southern District of California for the United States District Court.

Ray has been involved with “Kid’s Day” since 1992 when he was first approached to oversee the safety and handle the waterside activities of the event. That first year 88 people attended the event. Last year over 800 attendees were at the event and a combined total of close to 3,000 boat rides and inner tube rides were given, without incident, in the one day event.