What To Expect

Just like any day at the beach be sure to bring sunscreen, towel, hat and water to keep hydrated. Our sponsors will provide drinks and lunch – so bring an appetite and a smile.

Kid’s Day includes demonstrations from the U.S. Coast Guard and Coastie the mobile talking boat, a mobile learning tank to interact with ocean life provided by the Aquarium of the Pacific, hosted lunch featuring a mobile grill, plus boat, towable, jetski, and kayak rides – creating lasting memories for kids and families.

Kid’s Day 2021 Tentative Schedule

9:00 am Parking Area at North end of Marine Stadium open
9:15 am Activities begin- boat rides, jet ski, etc.
11:00 am Hosted grilled lunch service begins
11:30 am Water cleared for Tony Klarich ski show
12:30 pm Restart water activities
3:00 pm Activities end